Adventure Stories

Called Beyond, in partnership with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, gave two kids with special needs their first hunting experience. The kids learned firearm safety, were paired with firearm handlers, and then given the opportunity for their first harvest, which they then were shown how to field dress.

Kids were able to, at the end of the day, sample of the harvested bird.


“The best thing is how inclusive Ethan felt through the whole experience. Everyone was very patient with him and were encouraging him evry step of the way through the day.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

“The experience of having enough support for her to be in the great outdoors is now a great source of pride for Snow. I am certain the experience boosted her confidence in her own abilities.”

~ Parent of Adventurer


“I have already been telling everyone about Called Beyond and how great of an impact it is for all different abled to enjoy.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

“What an amazing experience. This is an opportunity Snow would not have received any other way. There were so many smiling faces. Snow and I both greatly enjoyed learning how the dogs operate in the field and then getting to see them in action. Fish and Game officers ensuring the children had the opportunity to shoot at actual pheasants was amazing. Seeing the Fish and Game law enforcement present to ensure everyone’s safety was remarkable. Snow and I were both impressed by the volunteer who cleaned pheasant after pheasant, teaching everyone the process. Snow cherished being given the opportunity to touch the birds both alive and dead. There were many other positive and inspiring parts of the experience, these are but a few.”

~ Parent of Adventurer


“It was very fulfilling to work with kids that probably would never have had the opportunity to get out and hunt birds otherwise.”

~ Terry Thompson, IDFG

Special thank you to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and to the Matt Chisum family for making this adventure possible!