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Called Beyond took two amazing boys with Down Syndrome, and their families, on a Hells Canyon, Idaho jetboat sturgeon trip.

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“Called Beyond sees my child as a person, not a disability. It was never a question as to if he could do it, but rather how they could help him.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

“Called Beyond gave our son the opportunity to do something on the river that he would not typically be able to experience.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

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“We loved the complete focus on the kids attending the adventure.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

“Making friends means the world to Davis and getting to play and be included with other children really gave him the experience and friendship he so longs for, that many take for granted.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

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New Experiences

“WOW! Davis had a blast…it was awesome to see him reeling and laughing and touching the fish he caught.”

~ Parent of Adventurer

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“I loved being able to go with my brother and do something fun and know he was accepted and included for who he is.”

~ Sibling of Adventurer

“I loved fishing, swimming, the fast boat, the cabin, and playing with the kids.”

~ Colin (Adventurer)

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“The abilities of these kids are what fueled the trip; the ability to light up every space they entered, the ability to encourage everyone around them, the ability to not give up, and the ability to be in the moment, fully. These kids inspire everyone around them and we are blessed to adventure with them!”

~ Jesse and Aby Rinella

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