Hayspur Fishing Day 2023

Called Beyond Adventures put on a special day of fishing for kiddos with disabilities. For most, this was their first fishing experience- they learned how to bait the hook, cast, reel, and then filet the fish they caught! The day culminated in a fun group BBQ.

IMG 2123
“Called Beyond gave them their first fishing experience with a positive outcome which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do.” -Mom of participants
“My son got to try something that he normally would have not been able to do. And how cool, to catch a fish when you just learned how.” – Parent of participant
“Watching the children have the opportunity to reel in fish was the best part of the event. Watching all the children laugh and enjoy themselves was a true blessing. Called Beyond showed such Love, compassion, empathy, kindness, patience, gentleness, joy.”
“Participating in the event made me happy, it was a lot of fun.” -Participant
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Fishing Trip
“I liked fishing, that was fun. Touching the fish was fun.” -Participant
“When our children have fished with me nobody has caught anything and it gets frustrating. With Called Beyond each of our children had the support required to be successful at fishing, the entire time of the event.” – Parent of participant